This giant beanbag brings people together in a natural environment, the name comes from the simple vision "Lounge. On. Nature." - LOONA. It can be used by multiple people and is adaptable to the situation. LOONA's versatility makes it possible to adopt different configurations so that the user can choose to be active or passive.

Due to its high quality lining, she can be used outdoors in various circumstances. The breathable waterproof material makes it possible to use the beanbag in the pool, the water resistance also ensures that LOONA is easy to maintain.

LOONA is available in three sizes and four different colors.

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The LOONA beanbags (designed and produced in Belgium by 4 awesome students) are now for sale and for rent. If you would like to get this unique design in your garden or at your event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Availability is limited!

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