About us

QUGATI doesn't focus on the relationship between person and product, but on the mutual relationship between the people who use the product. We want to encourage people to spend more time outdoors, this by doing it together in a pleasant way.

Who are we

Stan Engelbosch

Talking a lot, doing less

Joachim Van de Voorde

"Commercial Manager"
The nice guy with the crazy ideas that make everything awesome

Anton Lenssens

"Product Engineer"
If it works, it's fine

Stijn Van Damme

"Production Manager"
This smart ass thinks he knows everything but does nothing


As we started a "fictional business" for a school assignment as Industrial Product Designers at Howest Kortrijk, we are located in the Industrial Design Center.

Everything on this website is based on a business plan and product that we have fully developed. All products are really for sale and for rent, for more information please contact us.


Marksesteenweg 58
8500 Kortrijk